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Project Quicksteps – Effective, small steps and learner-centered literacy offers – aims at setting up in the its first phase a common knowledge base amongst partners to be followed by an implementation phase in a second step, which will be applied for. As a result, transferable strategies will be created. Overall, the number of people with basic education needs should be reduced significantly through small-stepped, speed-learning offers, and their participation, autonomy and motivation be promoted.

Unlike traditional learning settings that require a lot of patience to achieve results, project Quicksteps is set to provide small, modular, and effective basic education units which are matched to individual and immediate needs the learner may be confronted with in different contexts. Trainings respond to concrete situations and solutions met in everyday life or the workplace (demand- and competence-oriented). Benefits and success are derived directly from basic education programs, which is also a motivation for entry into higher education processes. For employers, these learning opportunities should be attractive because progress is prompt and they promise significant impact within a work context.

Duration: 09/2014 – 08/2016


Stiftung Berufliche Bildung, Hamburg, DE (coord. Partner)
Euroform RFS, Rende, IT
inspire – Verein für Bildung und Management, Graz, AT

Contact: inspire

Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung (Mitteilung) trägt allein der Verfasser; die Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung und die Kommission haften nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben.
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